S u s a n  d e  W i t t

Susan became serious about photography 20 years ago, primarily printing her black-and-white film negatives using Lith chemistry and suitable papers.  This darkroom technique can produce results that show an altered reality in the final outcome, bringing forth an illusion for the viewer, and a misrepresentation of accuracy.  By photographing through diffusion materials, Susan achieves what she's searching for in creating her dreams on paper.  In the past few years, she has extended her artistic style by printing her photographs on watercolor papers, as photogravure prints.  These gravure prints are created using UV sensitive metal plates sandwiched with a transparency film positive, and exposed under an ultraviolet vacuum exposure unit.  Once cured, the plate is inked up and run through an etching press onto the final substrate.  When editioning prints, there will always be subtle differences in the final outcome, thus making each print unique.

'womenSEEwomen' group show, as part of Miami Photo Fest, Miami, Florida,  2019.

'First Look' - Five photographers, Panopticon Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts,  2019.

'womenSEEwomen' group show, as part of Porto Photo Fest, Porto, Portugal 2018.

'My Muse' - solo exhibit,  Jailhouse Studios, Portland, Oregon 2017.

'Dreams on Paper' - solo exhibit, Le Petit Jacob, Paris, France, 2016.

'To The Edge' - The Danish Museum of Photography, Herning, Denmark, 2016.

'Paper Dreams' - solo exhibit, Sage Gallery, Portland, Oregon, 2016.

'Mirage' - solo exhibit, The Danish Museum of Photography, Herning, Denmark, 2015.

'STARK' - solo exhibit, Gallery Raw Beauty, Arnhem, Netherlands, 2015.

'Velvet Eyes' participation in Huangshan Yixian International Photo Festival, China, 2014.

'Velvet Eyes' participation in Royal Photographic Society International Print Exhibition #157,      London, England, 2014.

'Fabrication' - solo exhibition, iWitness Gallery, Portland, Oregon, 2012.

'Some Assembly Required' - Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson, New York, 2011.

'Group Show' at Centro Fotografico Alvarez Bravo, Oaxaca, Mexico, 2011. 

Susan is represented by Joseph & James Photography Gallery in Amsterdam.

T a f f i  R o s e n  L a i n g

I am passionate about photography, shooting whats in my minds eye

- what I imagine... 

I tend to work in series,  variations of a theme.

My photographic horizons for this exhibition include people, chickens, and an octopus

Peter Pan Bistro & Gallery -Toronto/Canada

Elevator Gallery, Toronto/CanadaThe Phmtomuseum, Denmark

Gallery 24, Belgium

Romany Kramoris Gallery, Sag Harbour NY

Monika Olko Gallery, Sag Harbour NY

South Street Gallery, Greenport NY

N i c k  U t  

World known photographer

Pulitzer Prize Winner

The man behind 'The Napalm Girl'

A n d e r s  A   J o h a n  L a r s e n


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M i k k e l  H ø r l y c k

- is a freelance photojournalist living in Aarhus, Denmark.

His main interests are social issues and different aspects of psychiatry, which he focuses on with long-term projects. He is available for reportage features, portraits and various assignments. 

2019: Danish Picture of the Year, travelling exhibition, Denmark
2018: International Photojournalism Festival Vilnius Photo Circle, group exhibition, Vilnius
2017: PixlArt, group exhibition, Østervrå 
2017: Copenhagen Photo Festival, group exhibition, Copenhagen
2016: Tinghuset, group exhibition, Ebeltoft
2016: Fatamorgana's spring exhibition, Raahuset, Copenhagen
2015: Fatamorgana's winter exhibition, Galleri Krebsen, Copenhagen

Awards and honours
2019: Danish Picture of the Year, Long Term Project, 2nd prize
2018: Vilnius Photo Circle, Homework, 1st prize
2018: Festival of Ethical Photography, World Report Award, Finalist
2017: College Photographer of the Year, Documentary, 3rd prize
2017: Danish Picture of the Year, International Story, 2nd prize

J e s  E l n i f


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